Anqi Xu
Anqi Xu has been studying piano for six years. The first two years were with Ms. Helen Tan and the rest have been with Mrs. Miyoko Lotto. Anqi is studying at Pre-college Division of Manhattan School of Music (MSM) for her fourth year of musical training, which involves private lesson, singing in the choir, theory, ear training, composition, piano literature and chamber music.

Anqi has won various prizes in different competitions. She won first place in the Jazz/Pop Festival in Houston, Texas in 2008, when she was a student of Helen Tan. At the MSM, she won second place in the Chamber Music Competition 2014, with her violin partner Dylan Hamme, under the coaching of Professor Maria Radicheva. In the Lyra Music competition in 2014, Anqi won first place and was awarded $300 cash and $1500 for the following 2014 Lyra Music Festival in Vermont which she attended. At the Stony Brook Piano Competition in 2014, she won first place in the Junior division, and was awarded $500 cash and a $1000 scholarship towards 2015’s Stony Brook International Festival.

During the summer of 2013, she was accepted into the Summit Music Festival in upstate New York and performed in concert solo as well as along with other musicians. She also has been performing with families and friends.

During her spare time, she likes reading and focuses on other aspects of art, such as the visuals. She likes drawing freehand as well as Internet art using Photoshop, and loves the entire genre of art as a whole.